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2020 : Make it simple

Updated: Feb 24, 2020

2019 was an important year.

I met many people, I took control of my goals, I carried out difficult projects.

Now that the year is behind us, it's time to think about new projects (in fact I've been thinking about it for months). But after a period of reflection it is right to focus on the real goals to carry out new projects.

Finishing the short film with fantastic friends and professionals, Nicolas, Manuel, Umberto, Paolo, Alessandro, Fabio and many others was important.

But it is time to go on. I've received criticism and I've received compliments. But above all, meditate on the criticisms and understand where mistakes have been made and where it can be improved.

Here you can see a CGI Breakdown

A short like Arturo e il Gabbiano allowed me to meet, sit at the table and eat a sandwich or drink a good beer with producers, directors, actors, extraordinary artists who in all sincerity told me the things that go and the things that they do not go.

Based on this I have defined the GOALS for the next works:

  • work on consinstancy;

  • improve animation;

  • more widespread and careful direction work;

in other words Make it simple

However, in this month of January I had fun doing things a little different than usual.

  • A small project with my friend Nicolas D'Amore. With Nicolas I basically share my love for things done well. whether it's animation, vfx, music or beer drinking we always have fun.

Here we did a little camera track exercise

  • With Fabio Santomauro instead, we started a project based on his projects , Here is a first scary dinosaur.

the coming months you will see some beautiful ones.


Finally, I want to recommend a book that I am now reading:

"The Comic Toolbox: How to Be Funny Even If You're Not" by John Vorhaus


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