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Luca works as 3d artist at Light and Color studio, in Rome.
He comes from architecture, desing and history of arts studies.
He worked in several animated projects like Buonanotte (shortmovie),

Youtopia ( feature film), Giù dal Nido( Tv animated series) and other commercial  and music videos for directors and companies.
"Arturo e il gabbiano" is his first project as  Director, a full CGI animated movie, made in Blender.
He has also worked as teacher for various schools such as  Università Sapienza, RUFA  Artithesi, Cine-Tv Rossellini institute in Rome


2023 »  SHORT FILM  "Argo e Odi": regia, soggetto, sceneggiatura, fotografia
2022 »  SHORT FILM  "Come Foglie al Vento": co-regia
2022 »  ANIMATED SERIES "Giu' dal Nido 2: montaggio, Supervisione CGI
2022 »  ANIMATED SERIES   "Incredibile!" : regia, soggetto, Supervisore CGI
2019 »  SHORT FILM   "Arturo e il Gabbiano": regia, produttore
2019 »  ANIMATED SERIES "Giu' dal Nido 1 ": Supervisione CGI, Montaggio, compositing
2018 »  SHORT FILM  "Buonanotte" : montaggio, CGI Supervisor compositing, Storyboard
2018 »  FEATURE FILM "Youtopia" : CGi supervisor
2015 »  SHORT FILM  "Senza Parole": effetti
2011 »  DOC "Musulmani Europei" : Grafica e Illustrazioni


When I got my first computer as a gift, the only pre-installed graphics software was Paint. I didn't know about the existence of Photoshop and I thought that computer graphics were a slow dot-by-dot job, pixel by pixel.

So I drew a Ferrari in two months. pixel by pixel

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