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Jessica | 3d character

Hy guys

I want to share with you my last character, Jessica.

I will use this model in a feature trailer.

For this model I started to look for different references of "old woman cartoons", but there aren't very many 3d caroon models to chose from

.Of course there is 'Up' by Pixar, it's a good reference but she was very smooth and flat

Yhat is what I wasn't looking for

I started with simple meshes to define the global shape

and after that I started to model head

For the hairs I followed the tutorial by Nazar Noschenco.

He suggest duplicating the head mesh and apply the particle sistems

A good way

For the skin I used the new Principled Shader and painted the skin textures by Substance Painter

Also the leather bag is textured by Substance Painter

Here you can find the free model. You can download it and use everywhere

This is the final Close-Up render.

More renders are on my Artstation page


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