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Arturo e il gabbiano
Giù dal Nido
For italian Tv Rai, we are producing a tv animated series.
Copy Persuasivo
Collaborazioni di grafica, disegni, viegnette e animazioni per la prima agenzia di Copywriting per la vendita in Italia di Andrea Lisi
Myes School spot
For Myes School friends in Rome I realized this short animated spot
Made in Blender.
Animation by Umberto Salerni
I used Blenrig5 for rigging the character and a HDr heaven image for master lighting.
Ialso used some Pooligon,com textures and CMV materials.
Sara Assicurazioni - Spot
Distraction behind the wheel, incorrect behavior and mobile phone driving: here is "Autobiskera" the new road safety campaign Aci-Sara Assicurazioni
Gemelli Art spot(2017 - 2018)
For GemelliArt we made different cgi animated spot.
In these works I was responsable of storyboard, modeling a and compositing
For Davide Ippolito, CEo id Zwan i created differnt 3d logos and animated spot
Fame d'Aria
FAME D’ARIA is the second song of Mimosa.
In this work i create and animate all the flying objects. Videclip director Edoardo Palma.
For L&C i create characters and sets models and some animation. The work is integrated in film Youtopia, directed by Berardo Carboni
In this work i spent lot of time in chroma key to give life at some oldest photos. The result is a part of
theathral show directed by Amedeo Fago
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