Giù dal Nido
For italian Tv Rai, we are producing a tv animated series.
Copy Persuasivo
Collaborazioni di grafica, disegni, viegnette e animazioni per la prima agenzia di Copywriting per la vendita in Italia di Andrea Lisi
Myes School spot
For Myes School friends in Rome I realized this short animated spot
Made in Blender.
Animation by Umberto Salerni
I used Blenrig5 for rigging the character and a HDr heaven image for master lighting.
Ialso used some Pooligon,com textures and CMV materials.
Sara Assicurazioni - Spot
Distraction behind the wheel, incorrect behavior and mobile phone driving: here is "Autobiskera" the new road safety campaign Aci-Sara Assicurazioni
Gemelli Art spot(2017 - 2018)
For GemelliArt we made different cgi animated spot.
In these works I was responsable of storyboard, modeling a and compositing
For Davide Ippolito, CEo id Zwan i created differnt 3d logos and animated spot
Fame d'Aria
FAME D’ARIA is the second song of Mimosa.
In this work i create and animate all the flying objects. Videclip director Edoardo Palma.
For L&C i create characters and sets models and some animation. The work is integrated in film Youtopia, directed by Berardo Carboni
In this work i spent lot of time in chroma key to give life at some oldest photos. The result is a part of
theathral show directed by Amedeo Fago
Senza Parole
For this short film I work in this first shot. I model the station and matching the figures in chroma key. Director Edoardo Palma
Spot  Aita Onlus
Spot Social advertising 2015
Video of Progetto Aita Onlus for Summer Camp 2015.
Spaghetti Western in the water
For L&C I create some models for this animated film(2014). Director Caterina de Mata
Musulmani Europei
For this documentary in four episodes i made several illustrations and graphic 2d and 3d. Director Luca De Mata (2011)
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For Davide Ippolito, CEo id Zwan i created differnt 3d logos and animated spot

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